How To Understand & Survive An Identity Crisis – EU 36

June 19, 2018

This episode focuses on the philosophical and psychological implications of identity coupled with Michael's personal journey/challenges through various stages of life and identity. While recording, the phrase "identity crisis" was not mentioned, but upon reviewing the themes of this discussion, it became clear that this conversation was centered on the disconnect between one's sense of self compared to others, groups, personal perception, actions over time or in different environments, etc.

Elevated Idea:

What external pieces of identity have you picked up from society, your friends, family, career, etc. that you believe to be true? Could dropping or reframing any of those characteristics better serve you? What internally cultivated pieces of identity are you proud of?

Thank you for your support on episodes such as this. It is not easy to share deeply personal stories and discuss topics so complex. The goal is to learn and get better. Any constructive feedback is welcome :) .