Having Vs. Seeking, Self Trust & The Power Of Perspective – EU 35

June 12, 2018

This week's episode shares a passage from Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay The Over-soul to set the stage for the concept of having vs. seeking. I discuss suicide after the passing of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, signs to look out for, and the hotline number 1-800-273-8255. This segues into the psychology of "having" and the psychology of "seeking." Those in the "having" frame possess characteristics such as emotional control, acting as a conduit for greater truth and humanistic lessons, speaks from the soul, is inspired, possesses self-love and acceptance, trusts oneself, does not need or ask too much of the world or others, is internally robust, and charts one's own course. Those in the "seeking" frame possess characteristics such as ego and pride, lacks contentment, desires more, relies on persons and resources to find answers, acts to prove something or for validation, speaks and acts from what is popular or effective, depends on the external world for happiness, and is typically less balanced. Most people are a combination of the two and typically fall somewhere on the spectrum. The world needs both havers and seekers and each frame has value to offer and provides a unique perspective for how to navigate life. Self trust is discussed and how we can increase/decrease it and why it is an essential ingredient for each frame in different ways. The Elevated Idea of the week is "why are you waiting to be the person you wish to be? What is stopping you from being that person right now?"