A Candid Conversation On Personal Growth – EU 30

April 25, 2018

In this episode, Bryan and Michael sit down to discuss personal growth, next steps in life, and ways to work towards the peak of self-elevation. We talk about entitlement and how the world and others don't owe us anything. Identity, ego, and how shifting from craving external validation to cultivating internal confidence builds a grounded sense of value-based living. Personal authenticity and transparency. Life changes, transitions and why/how we make those decisions. Stepping outside of our comfort zones. Staying stagnant even when growth is our primary goal. Why faith matters. Cutbacks on the road to self-actualization. The necessity of including others in our journeys of personal growth. Elevating others through our words and actions. The idea that our life is not our own; our actions matter exponentially more than we often think because of the direct and indirect impact they have on others. Taking care of ourselves. Treating others the way we wish to be treated. Cultural isolation and an unwillingness to make oneself vulnerable. The necessity of vulnerability for creating deeper relationships and enhancing perspective. Listening to others rather than always trying to be heard or right. Courage to express personal truths and entertain/consider differing perspectives. Doing something unusual tomorrow and personalized advice.

I'd like to give a big thanks to Bryan for such an open and engaging conversation. You can follow Bryan on Snapchat (bsich) and Instagram (@bsich1103) for motivational stories and posts. Follow me (Michael) on Twitter (@michaelmblowers), Snapchat (m.be3zy), and Instagram (@mmblowers) for thoughtful posts.