Familia Es Todo: Maintaining Happy & Healthy Family Ties with Sherri Blowers – EU 40

July 15, 2018

Familia es todo (translation): Family is everything.

This week we sit down with special ed school teacher, mother, aunt, wife, and advocate Sherri Blowers to discuss the topic of family and how to maintain happy and healthy family ties.

Sherri is the mother of host Michael. We discuss our relationship as mother and son and how it has progressed through various stages over the last 25 years. Topics of interest include a mother's perspective towards her children and family, ways to take care of yourself if your personality disposes you to taking care of others, setting boundaries, letting go, advocating for those who are not as able to stand up for themselves, allowing people (family members in particular) time and space to grow, tips on how to repair damaged family ties, hope, never giving up, and excitement towards the future.

I'd like to give a special thanks and shoutout to Sherri for her contribution to this episode and for her undying support for me, this podcast, and the majority of people she comes into contact with. Without her love, guidance, grace, and strength, I would not be half the person I am today and the world is a better place because of her.

This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Linda Williams Bass - my aunt and a wonderful woman and mother.


Reflection, Forgiveness, Moving Forward – EU 39

July 10, 2018

It feels as though a heavy weight of negativity, pessimism, and stagnation has been lifted, and the moment feels peaceful and the future seems bright.

This episode, which marks an end to the 30s and a bridge to the 40s (episode-wise), is all about deep reflection of past events, feelings, and self-worth; forgiveness towards oneself and others for all mistakes made and hard lessons learned; and moving forward with love, hope, and only the important teachings from the past with no unnecessary baggage in tow.

It is important to reflect on the past, in all its entirety, because there is gold in experience. The positive sides of a life lived – momentous joys, achievements, triumphs – all add context to who we are today and who we wish to become in the future. They give us confidence and hope that good times are just around the bend because they existed before. The negative sides – trauma, mistakes, pain, regret, unsavory consequences – are equally important because they too add context to who we are and provide us with knowledge, as only pain can, about our limitations as humans, what to avoid, and what to do better next time.

Reflection teaches. But without perspective, we may only understand one side of a lesson without the full scope of wisdom. No amount of mistakes, pain, success, or achievement makes one human inherently better or worse than another. You are not broken just as you are not perfect. We are also the only ones responsible for our lives moving forward despite past circumstances. A healthy level of awareness, introspection, humility, and grace can be useful for keeping us grounded and powerful. Reflection enables this.

Reflection is not enough. We must use those lessons to make better decisions at each subsequent moment we are alive. In order to do that, we must be free to move and to act. Forgiveness is crucial for healing the scars of time. Forgiveness is the practice of love towards ourselves for our wrongs and towards those who have wronged us. When we forgive, we cleanse ourselves of anger, resentment, bitterness, inadequacy, and pain because we make the CHOICE to love when we least wish to. We rise above, let go, open ourselves to love, learning, and higher virtue, and are no longer prisoners of our own making.

After that, the future is wide open and the moment is abundant. What we do now paves the road for what's next. Hopefully, you're as excited as I am :) .

Great new things coming soon to the podcast, stay tuned for updates.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support throughout this journey. I won't let you down.

Stay elevated!


Four Score & Seven Years Ago… A Salute To Freedom – EU 38

July 2, 2018

"The reflection upon my situation and that of this army produces many an uneasy hour when all around me are wrapped in sleep. Few people know the predicament we are in." – General George Washington, January 14, 1776

This patriotic episode of the Elevated U podcast focuses on American freedom in anticipation of Independence Day. Do not forget the men and women that have served and given their lives so that we can live free today. Do not neglect the rich history and contributions of millions of diverse people that built this great nation. Do not take your freedom for granted or squander your gift. Remember that we are all united in our mutual desire to continue preserving and fighting for freedom. I wish each of you a fantastic Fourth of July holiday :) .


Evolving Paradigms: Progression Without Regression – EU 37

June 24, 2018

Our last few episodes have focused on analyzing your life from 360 degrees. What’s driving you? What is keeping you from moving forward? What does moving forward even mean? In order to move forward, especially in life, we must take a step backward at times. The old ways of acting and being are rarely conducive to reaching the next level.

Learn how to identify and progress through evolving paradigms as you elevate yourself through life. Avoid common pitfalls, remain grounded, keep on going...


How To Understand & Survive An Identity Crisis – EU 36

June 19, 2018

This episode focuses on the philosophical and psychological implications of identity coupled with Michael's personal journey/challenges through various stages of life and identity. While recording, the phrase "identity crisis" was not mentioned, but upon reviewing the themes of this discussion, it became clear that this conversation was centered on the disconnect between one's sense of self compared to others, groups, personal perception, actions over time or in different environments, etc.

Elevated Idea:

What external pieces of identity have you picked up from society, your friends, family, career, etc. that you believe to be true? Could dropping or reframing any of those characteristics better serve you? What internally cultivated pieces of identity are you proud of?

Thank you for your support on episodes such as this. It is not easy to share deeply personal stories and discuss topics so complex. The goal is to learn and get better. Any constructive feedback is welcome :) .


Having Vs. Seeking, Self Trust & The Power Of Perspective – EU 35

June 12, 2018

This week's episode shares a passage from Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay The Over-soul to set the stage for the concept of having vs. seeking. I discuss suicide after the passing of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, signs to look out for, and the hotline number 1-800-273-8255. This segues into the psychology of "having" and the psychology of "seeking." Those in the "having" frame possess characteristics such as emotional control, acting as a conduit for greater truth and humanistic lessons, speaks from the soul, is inspired, possesses self-love and acceptance, trusts oneself, does not need or ask too much of the world or others, is internally robust, and charts one's own course. Those in the "seeking" frame possess characteristics such as ego and pride, lacks contentment, desires more, relies on persons and resources to find answers, acts to prove something or for validation, speaks and acts from what is popular or effective, depends on the external world for happiness, and is typically less balanced. Most people are a combination of the two and typically fall somewhere on the spectrum. The world needs both havers and seekers and each frame has value to offer and provides a unique perspective for how to navigate life. Self trust is discussed and how we can increase/decrease it and why it is an essential ingredient for each frame in different ways. The Elevated Idea of the week is "why are you waiting to be the person you wish to be? What is stopping you from being that person right now?"


15 Thoughtful Ways To Improve Your Life – EU 34

June 5, 2018

There is an infinite number of ways to improve your life and what works for one person may or may not work for another. Personal development, self-help, spiritual elevation, all of these are lifelong processes and many situations do not have clearcut answers. The following tips, which are in no particular order, are ideas that have been helpful for me in my journey of personal growth that may translate to your situation. Keep on growing!

















Please don’t hesitate to share your experience with improvement in the comments! Thank you :D .


Letting Go To Rise Above – EU 33

May 28, 2018

Letting go is like winning a fight (physical or otherwise); many of us think we’d have the upper hand if the situation were to present itself, but when push comes to shove, most of us would move away from the confrontation and towards any alternative.

There are many forms of letting go. You can let go of a past holding your present and potential-self hostage. You can let go of poor habits and behaviors. You can let go of the stress you feel at work or in your personal life. You can let go of your need for situations and people to work out in your favor. You can let go of all that you think you know and step into the realm of possibility, expansion, and utter unknowability.

This week’s episode features a free thought-flow from host Michael. No topic of focus, no agenda, just a desire to self-express and explore emergent ideas. Some points of interest include the idea of letting go to rise up, meaning that our perception of how things should be can often stifle opportunity and authenticity. I discuss presence, intuition, the many deaths and incarnations of self over time, subtle progression, sobriety, the codifying direction of Elevated U, stoicism, Boethius’ The Consolation Of Philosophy and fortune, entitlement, patience, transcendence of being, problem-solving, and more.

There are two things I would like to particularly leave you with this Memorial Day week as we recognize those who have served this amazing country of ours by honoring their service through our actions and virtues.


I often think that the longer and tighter we hold onto pieces of knowledge, behavior, and identity that no longer serve us, the more we suffer. What are you holding onto that’s holding you back? What are you so attached to that your life would conceivably fall apart in its absence? What would it mean if all that you know about yourself and the world were incorrect? Challenge your assumptions and entertain this idea with curiosity and optimism. If you care to share, please leave a comment or email us. The more stories and perspectives we have, the better we can serve our growing community of truth seekers.


How can I better serve you? How can we make Elevated U and the podcast a more useful experience and resource for you? Are you interested in any particular topics, even ones that may be outside the norm of what we discuss? Are you experiencing any particular challenges or finding unique solutions that could benefit our listenership to know? Let me know what I can do for you, I am deeply interested. Leave a comment or send us an email :) .

Lastly, I’d like to thank you for your patience. It’s been slow-going to get back on a regular content schedule, but good things are looming ahead. Thank you for being a part of this journey and for being so awesome as you continue to progress through your own.

Have an elevated week!


Pioneering Tech, Business, & Life With Blockchain CEO Joe Snyder – EU 32

May 10, 2018

Joseph Snyder, President & CEO of Lannister Holdings – a publicly traded blockchain development company based out of Phoenix, Arizona (OTC: NBDR) –  joins us this week to share wisdom from 15 years of building, scaling, bootstrapping, acquiring, and merging successful businesses.

Joe walks us through his purpose & soul-driven entrepreneurial journey, the importance of having a momentous WHY, the parallels between passion and artistry, how to infuse artistry into every aspect of daily life, self-knowledge, the value of experience, Blue Ocean thinking, balance, eliminating things that do not serve you and your goals, process-orientation and the journey, the significance and impact of possessing core competency in oneself and their team, why attention to detail matters, how to attract and develop a world-class team, boundaries and commitments, leading by example, and strategies for pioneering a never-been-done-before remote development business in the global emerging technologies market.

Check out Lannister Holding's website, https://lannisterholdings.com, for information on their fantastic company and the exciting world of blockchain tech!

If you're a business interested in inquiring how blockchain can work for you or are already using blockchain technology and would like to get involved in the conversation, please reach out to Joe and his team on his site's contact page.

Visit Lannister Development at https://www.lannisterdevelopment.com to see the excellent work Joe and his team are doing in this exciting and next-gen tech realm!

You can follow Joe on Twitter @LannisterCEO

You can follow Lannister Holdings on Twitter for updates and everything blockchain @LannisterNBDR

I would like to personally thank Joe for the fascinating conversation, for providing new insights and genuine value to myself and our Elevated listeners, and for being exceptionally generous with his time and knowledge. Joe absolutely leads by example and was a joy to chat with :) .


New Horizons, Toxic Social Media, Goal Attainment, & The Virtue Of Trying – EU 31

May 3, 2018

Do not be afraid of what you can or can't control. Do not let the uncertainty of an outcome stop you from trying. Go out into the world, put forth the best of your effort, live fully, and what is meant to happen will manifest in the most splendid and unexpected ways...

In this week's episode, Robert McQuarrie – friend of 20+ years, businessman, college graduate, investor, and certified hustler – joins us to discuss a wealth of practical and life-enhancing topics.

We discuss my upcoming (now complete) move away from my hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico and how to enter the realm of chaos and newness with strength, openness, and determination. The pros and cons of entering a brand new environment and lifestyle with a set plan. The toxicity of social media when used for purposes of overconsumption, passive comparison, sensationalized news, fear of missing out (FOMO), and escapism from day-to-day life and responsibility. Benefits of social media when used in a contributive and value-adding manner. We share our perspectives on victimhood, taking responsibility, and the hesitation to push through barriers of comfort even if the outcome is desirable in the medium-to-long run. Personal development as a pseudo-tool to outrun the potential of evil within oneself and the world rather than incorporating those elements of reality into one's perspective and actions.

Robert shines in his description and embodiment of drive, strategic execution, goal attainment, perseverance, and grit. Achieving outcomes through SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) goal-setting. Scheduling and rewarding oneself for sticking to a plan. The importance of sticking to a plan even when the going gets tough and things seem uncertain. How to enjoy the process of consistently trying different things, seeing how you respond, and tweaking your approach to be more and more efficient. Having faith that you can achieve your goals and enjoy the process. You'll never know what you're capable of without trying. Every person is destined for good, you just have to work and pursue it.

Huge shout out to Robert for taking the time to sit down and have an honest, fun, and light-hearted conversation about interesting topics. I'm excited about the journey ahead for both you and myself; I have confidence we will both accomplish great things and be the good men and people we strive to be. Thank you for being an exceptional friend through thick and thin.

Elevated Idea Of The Day: 

Do not be afraid of what you can or can't control. Every person is capable of good, you just have to work towards the things you want. Regardless of if you fail or succeed, you'll be happy you tried :) .

New website launching May 15, 2018. Get ready!!


A Candid Conversation On Personal Growth – EU 30

April 25, 2018

In this episode, Bryan and Michael sit down to discuss personal growth, next steps in life, and ways to work towards the peak of self-elevation. We talk about entitlement and how the world and others don't owe us anything. Identity, ego, and how shifting from craving external validation to cultivating internal confidence builds a grounded sense of value-based living. Personal authenticity and transparency. Life changes, transitions and why/how we make those decisions. Stepping outside of our comfort zones. Staying stagnant even when growth is our primary goal. Why faith matters. Cutbacks on the road to self-actualization. The necessity of including others in our journeys of personal growth. Elevating others through our words and actions. The idea that our life is not our own; our actions matter exponentially more than we often think because of the direct and indirect impact they have on others. Taking care of ourselves. Treating others the way we wish to be treated. Cultural isolation and an unwillingness to make oneself vulnerable. The necessity of vulnerability for creating deeper relationships and enhancing perspective. Listening to others rather than always trying to be heard or right. Courage to express personal truths and entertain/consider differing perspectives. Doing something unusual tomorrow and personalized advice.

I'd like to give a big thanks to Bryan for such an open and engaging conversation. You can follow Bryan on Snapchat (bsich) and Instagram (@bsich1103) for motivational stories and posts. Follow me (Michael) on Twitter (@michaelmblowers), Snapchat (m.be3zy), and Instagram (@mmblowers) for thoughtful posts.


How To Find And Live Your Truth – EU 29

April 10, 2018

In this week's delayed episode (sorry about that), we talk the necessity of truth and how to find it. I share a history lesson about a man who risked his life for truth, Martin Luther with his 95 Thesis, how expressing truth can heal psychological and spiritual wounds, ways in which truth gives us certainty of action and progresses humanity, the hierarchical order of truth, permanent vs. subjective truths, the fallibility of truth, how to find and live your truth, and ways to fight un-truth. More positivity and new content coming soon!


Is Culture The Path To Understanding? – EU 28

March 13, 2018

Travel fanatic and student Ciera Rocco joins us this episode to discuss the five elements of culture, cultural blind spots, whether or not we can escape culture, if some cultures are better than others, integrating into new societies, hierarchies, chaos, and lessons learned traveling the world!


The Nature Of Evil – EU 27

March 3, 2018

“If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The nature of evil is intrinsically linked to the nature of humanity. Indeed, we have proven ourselves capable of great goods, fantastic feats, and momentous achievements. But good cannot exist without its opposite, and to make the claim that humans are good must include the claim that humans possess evil, malice, vice.

If we assume that evil exists within each and every person, it seems worthwhile to make a legitimate attempt to understand it. Otherwise, we risk putting the atrocities of history carried out by man into a fictional box that certainly could not or would not happen again or to us.


Career Development & Alignment: First Job To Dream Job – EU 26

February 22, 2018

If you, like most people, did not have the good fortune of having a fat sack of money fall from the sky and into your lap, you’ve probably had to work for the things you want.

Work is an integral part of life. Not only does it allow us to prosper economically, but it cultivates important skills, habits, and tangible benefits to others.

Learning to maximize career development and alignment increases the chances of higher earnings, talent maturation, and work-related fulfillment.

Joel Ruiz, a ServiceNow System Administrator, joins us on today’s episode to discuss the non-linear progression of work, transitioning from entry-level jobs to a career, and tips to consider when thinking about one’s own career development arc.



The Devil’s Advocate Pt. 2: Apathy – EU 25

February 14, 2018

"I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of love is not hate – it’s apathy. It’s not giving a damn." - Leo Buscaglia

There are many obstacles on the way to being your best self. Many of these obstacles are fairly apparent. Getting fired from your job. Having a relationship dissolve. Coming down with an illness. Making a poor business decision.

But what about obstacles that are more devious and subtle? What about a slow creep of decay that permeates every area of life until progress devolves into a stagnant puddle of...nothing? And worse, what if you can't muster the energy or fortitude to care at all?

This week's special guest episode focuses on apathy, the antithesis of empathy.


The Art Of Being Yourself: Individualism & Self-Actualization – EU 24

February 9, 2018

To "be yourself" in this world is no easy feat. We face constant social, cultural and economic pressures to conform to the status quo. In the west, we have freedom of speech, thought and expression, but who's in the driver's seat for capitalizing on those privileges? And why does this even matter?

In this episode, we explore what it means to "be ourselves." We look at individualism as a prevalent societal philosophy and postulate on the reasons for its contemporary popularity. Self-actualization is arguably the goal of individualism and personal development and we spend some time addressing the benefits of striving towards this ethereal yet principal goal. Lastly, we discuss the art of being yourself and practical ways to maximize your potential, fulfillment, and contribution to fellow kin.

Have an elevated week!


How To Be A Good Friend (And Not Destroy Friendships!) – EU 23

February 1, 2018

There is no magic formula for how to be a good friend. No instruction manual with 10 simple steps. Just lots of time, effort, loyalty, trust, vulnerability, and attempts at mutual understanding.

In today’s episode featuring special guests Bryan and Rocco, we unpack what it means to be a good friend, how to build successful friendships, coping with loss, actions that damage friendships, and one foolproof method for supporting friends through their toughest moments.

"One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood." – Seneca

Visit elevated-u.com for the full episode transcript!


The Devil’s Advocate: Vice – EU 22

January 25, 2018

“As far as I’m concerned, I prefer silent vice to ostentatious virtue” – Albert Einstein

In each of us exists light and dark, good and bad, angel and devil, virtue and vice. The play of duality that constitutes morality and ethics is an interesting one. It begs the question: on which side of the coin do we fall?

This episode is all about vice. We delve into the metaphysical and practical elements of vice, why it exists, the principals that enable it, and how to combat it in order to live better lives.

Visit elevated-u.com for the full episode write-up!